What is it?

The MusicMotion Hack is an open laboratory where creators design collaboratively technological art installations and digital lutherie instrument within a sprint week-end. The hackathon bring together creative developer, designers, musicians and product visionaries. The event will occur during the 20th edition of MUTEK (august 2019).

MusicMotion Hack is an entire week-end event designed to find new ways in reinventing and reengineering the fusion of art and technology. During the Hack, participants will design using the Creative Toolbox (software and hardware) while be supported by skilled mentors artists

Our goals

  • Provide a space, resources and tools to creators in order to build a very creative and engaging interactive art installation and new music instruments.

  • Strengthen the art & technology community

  • Democratize art, music and new technologies

Who is it for ?

  • musicians

  • sound artists

  • visual artists

  • makers interested in arts

  • creative coders

  • developers interested in arts


2 winner teams will be choosen to go on a art residency with the supervision of 2 mentors.





  • 12 teams x 6 participants

  • 4 satellite mentors (maker, ux, visual artist, music artist)

  • 4  judges

  • 6 technological ambassadors

  • Creative Toolbox: set of tools (hardware, software) offered to the creators of the hack

Art Direction

All team will have to choose between 2 projects:

1) AV installation

  • artistic piece

  • concept & vision    

  • interactivity


2) Digital lutherie & New musical interfaces

  • piece of music (5-10 min)

  • all genres are supported

  • visual accompaniment is encouraged

Demo Day

At the end of the Hack, teams will perform on stage to present their new music instruments or showcase their AV installation to let the audience and judges to experiment with their AV installations.

date: August 18th


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We will provide all team with a surprise creative toolbox containing some hardware and software as tools to build your project. You can also bring the tools you want as long they fit in our “rules“.

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 prizes - art residency

2 winner teams will be choosen to go on a art residency with the supervision of 2 mentors.

  • When : August 26th to September 8th

  • Objective: To help and mentor 2 teams (winners from the HACKLAB) in order to improve their art piece or installation.

  • Where : LiveArt - 3980 rue St-Denis, Montréal

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Date: august 16-18 august 2019

Schedule: Friday pm to Sunday evening

Location: Notman House

51 Sherbrooke West, Montreal

Notman is a technology hub that provides office, event, and communal space for startups, investors, technology partners, and community groups, by bringing together companies and community builders.




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How to apply 

Registration is free, but you must apply here to receive an invitation to participate. This is an exclusive event for developers only (no spectators) as we have limited space.

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Contact us

If you have any questions concerning the HackLab or MusicMotion, please contact us. We will respond as soon as possible