Visual observation of performance gestures has been shown to play a key role

in audience reception of musical works. As author Luke Windsor points out, “the

gestures that accompany music are potentially a primary manner in which an

audience has direct contact with the performer.” This project, “Multimodal Visual

Cello Augmentation“ proposes to augment audience perception through the

creation of an interactive lighting system responsive to performance gestures

that transforms gestural information into a real-time visual display. Our goals are:

A) to control the interactive lighting (visual display) by mapping the gestural and

biophysical information collected; B) to use the interactive lighting to augment

interpretation of the musical text; C) to make performance practice decisions in

parallel to designing the lighting/gestural interface; D) to identify and display

meaningful information within performance gestures that are not apparent to the

listener; and E) to promote the use of new technologies in the performing arts.

Artists & Collaborators: Juan Sebastian Delgado, Alex Nieva

Location: Montreal (Canada)

Year: 2016

Tags: AV performance

PerformanceMMAlight, cello