Participant guide


Date & location

Participants need to be at Notman House at 5:00pm on Friday 16th

Dates: Friday, August 16th (5:00 PM) to Sunday, August 18th (10:00 PM)

Address : 51 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal (third floor). Entrance is through OSMO cafe on Clark street

Nearest metro : Metro Place-des-Arts (6 min walk) or Metro Sherbrooke (10 min walk).



Schedule link (click me)

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Notman House will be open during all the hackathon (from Friday evening to Sunday evening) 

  • You can enter the building through the OSMO cafe (on Clark Street) between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM. After 6 PM, the doors will be locked, so you must coordinate with someone on the inside to let you back in.

  • You are permitted to sleep in the building, but would need to bring your own sleeping bag / blankets

  • Bring your own water bottle (eco friendly)

  • Breakfasts and dinners are provided but lunch is not provided

Our collaborator MUTEK offers a 25% discount for HACKLAB participants: MUTEK Festival + IMG Forum Passport, IMG Full Passport, IMG Conferences Only -

Link : ticket office

Discount Code: MUTEKxMMH



Rules and Judging Criteria

  • By the end of the Hackathon, each team must produce :

    • an interactive audio-visual installation prototype


    • a new digital lutherie instrument/interface prototype, including a 2-5 minutes musical performance.

  • The development of projects must not have begun before the start of the event

  • If you choose to have visual content in your project, it must be generated, live feed, or compiled from the provided selection of ONF-NFB audiovisual archives (visual content is optional but encouraged)

  • There is a maximum of 8 teams, with a minimum of 6 participants per team

  • Participants will create their teams at the Hackathon with help from the organizers

  • The projects are considered the intellectual property of the teams who designed and created them 

  • Participants will be judged based on: innovation, art direction, creativity, user experience, attitude and cooperation

  • SUNDAY THE 18TH AT 5PM IS THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING YOUR PROJECT HERE (click on the button at the end of the page).

Code of Conduct

  • No outsiders are allowed in the building during the Hackathon

  • MUSICMOTION takes no responsibility for any stolen objects

  • Drugs and smoking are not allowed in the building

  • You are not permitted to bring alcohol from outside. Alcohol is served ONLY in the OSMO cafe. Do not bring your drinks into the Notman House

  • Harassment of the other attendees, the organisers, or the collaborators will not be tolerated. Please be respectful of everyone at the Hackathon

We reserve the right to disqualify any attendee or team who violates these rules. Please keep this event respectful and inclusive so that everyone can enjoy a weekend filled with music, technology, and hacking!


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The following is a list of the tools that will be provided at the Hacklab. As there are not enough of each tool to give each team, the tools may need to be shared between groups. For example, we only have one of each sensor type.

We strongly recommend bringing your own tools if you have them.




  • Magenta open source software

  • Prynth

    • Prynth is a hardware and software framework for the construction of embedded digital musical instruments




  • ONF-NFB (audiovisual archives)

    • 100 audiovisual archives will be provided to the participants during the HACKLAB.

    • procedure for browsing/choosing/copying clips:

      • there is 1 external drive with all 100 QuickTime (.mov - ProRes422).

      • sound is not included in the clips.

      • here is the list of all 100 clips in the drive.

      • all clips are named with a shot ID (ex: in plan-8878 the shot ID is 8878).

      • No description of individual clips are available in the list. You have to do some research & digging to find witch ones you want to use.

      • to select clips you want to see, go here and enter only the shot ID in the shot ID field.

      • write down all the numbers of the clips you want to use.

      • copy them from the drive to your computer.

  • Freesound (creative-commons licensed sound)








  • various Midi controllers

  • speakers

  • 2 projectors

  • 2 desktop monitors

  • 4 tv screens

  • soldering kit




  • Pablo Del Castro & team - Magenta Artificial Intelligence  

  • Ivan Franco - Framework for building synthesizer 

  • Yannick Roy & Yann Harel - Brain interfaces 

  • Lea Nakonechny - ONF visual archives 


  • Annie Sama - Multidisciplinary artist (Ableton) 

  • Olivier Lalonde - Interactive music, UX, sensors (Ableton, Max For Live, Pure Data)

  • Andréanne Des - Psychoacoustic  & UX

  • Christo Saba - 3D visual & Leap motion (Cinema 4D ,Maya , zbrush , Ableton)


  • Nadine Guertin


  • Selin Murat - RIDM - Film & Forum Programmer

  • Pablo Del Bosco - MUTEK  - Director of Partnerships & Business Development 

  • Jean-Piché - Université de Montréal - Professeur, musiques numériques, Université de Montréal

  • Pablo Samuel Castro - Google Magenta  - Développer

  • Mélik-Alexandre Farhat - MUSICMOTION - Art Director 

  • Lea Nakonechny - ONF - Sales agent, NFB Archive


  • Leen Yamani

  • Justine Forest

  • Alexandra Tibbitts

  • Andréanne Des

  • Pascal Deslauriers

  • Nick Jewell 

  • Line On

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 3.54.18 PM.png