IN-PROSPECTIVE, a collaborative exhibition that stands as a closing event for A Retrospective of Lebanese contemporary artist Mario Saba (1962 – 2011). Artists CHRISTO SABA, OLIVIER LALONDE, FIRAS HALLAK, MELISSA GHAZALE and performers ERAYLIK & MME CHANDELIER gather around to make a one-day installation in homage to Mario. This multidisciplinary show revisits the notion of “closure”, not in the sense of grief, but rather as the need to document an unresolved past. In-Prospective unravels the traces of an oeuvre within a new environment, a new ‘territory’. Referring to Deleuze & Guattari ‘s territorial processes, the exhibition is an attempt to Deterritorialize and simultaneously Reterritorialize Mario’s work into a hybrid body designed by emerging artists that were personally, or indirectly, influenced by him. It is time-based experience that touches upon lingering traces, and the inability to give up what has already been taken. 

Production: MusicMotion / Assault on structure 

Location:  Modern and Contemporary Art Museum . MACAM (Byblos, Lebanon)

Artists: Christo Saba, Mélik-Alexandre Farhat, Firas Hallak, Melissa Ghazale, eraylik. Mme Chandelier. 

Date: March 10 2018